Fratello’s Laconia

Live Piano every night (closed Tuesdays)  5:30-8:30 in the Dining Room.

Patio Entertainment (weather permitting)

Thurs 8/11 6-9pm                    Henry Laliberte
Fri 8/12 6-9:30PM                    Tim Dion
Sat 8/13 6-9:30PM                   Gabby Martin
Sun 8/14 6-9:30PM                   Rebecca Turmel
Mon 8/15 6-9pm                       Paul Warnick
Tues 8/16 6-9pm                      closed
Wed 8/17 6-9pm                      Eric Grant
Thurs 8/18 6-9pm                    Tim Dion
Fri 8/19 6-9:30PM                    Paul Warnick
Sat 8/20 6-9:30PM                   Ralph Allen
Sun 8/21 6-9:30PM                   Dave Clark Jr.
Mon 8/22 6-9pm                       Paul Warnick
Tues 8/23 6-9pm                     closed
Wed 8/24 6-9pm                      Eric Grant
Thurs 8/25 6-9pm                    Sean McCarthy
Fri 8/26 6-9:30PM                    Paul Warnick
Sat 8/27 6-9:30PM                   John Shelley
Sun 8/28 6-9:30PM                   Jon Paul Royer
Mon 8/29 6-9pm                       Paul Warnick
Tues 8/30 6-9pm                      closed
Wed 8/31 6-9pm                      Eric Grant

Laconia, NH

Fratello’s Manchester


Mondays-Thursdays 5:30-8:30
Friday & Saturdays 6:00-9:30

Thurs 8/11                   Jordan Quinn
Fri 8/12                        Jeff Mrozek
Sat 8/13                       Dave Zangri
Mon 8/15                     Phil Jacques
Tues 8/16                     Casey Roop
Wed 8/17                     Clint Lapointe
Thurs 8/18                   Tim Kierstead
Fri 8/19                        Sean Coleman
Sat 8/20                       Dave Clark Jr.
Mon 8/22                     Phil Jacques
Tues 8/23                     Jodee Frawlee
Wed 8/24                     Joanie Cicatelli
Thurs 8/25                   Chris Lester
Fri 8/26                        Ralph Allen
Sat 8/27                       Dave Zangri
Mon 8/29                     Phil Jacques
Tues 8/30                     Doug Thompson
Wed 8/31                     Matt Bergeron

Manchester, NH


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